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Anamorfosis social

March, 2017

Multimedia reactive installation

It is a part of life that objects, places, people, ideas and even situations appeardifferent depending on which perspective they are seen from.


People alwaysadopt perspectives by default – whether they are aware of it or not – and theconcepts of one's existence are defined by the circumstances surrounding thatindividual.Things we come across every day can have different interpretations dependingon multiple factors.In this case, I present a space that is always changing, together with ourperspective on it. A perspective that is influenced by images, sounds, and ourown


 way of interpreting them.

Discover the space through different perspectives, move and explore!Your actions have a direct impact on your environment.

In this installation, we explore the possibilities of development of a space that evolves in direct correlation with the activity of the visitors entering the space (amount of visitor as well as density of movements).



Using sensors, the data is collected to influence to a live video (projection on a wall) and music (quadraphonic) which will recreate a space going from abstract sounds/images (using sustructive synthesis) to concrete sound/images (close to a folley)


Video sample of projection and sound:

Explanation of the specifics of the project (Spanish):

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