Looking for the boundaries of extended instruments and sensor controlled live electronics in live performances and sound art installations

Explorando los límites entre instrumentos extendidos, controladores por sensores y electrónica en vivo en conciertos en vivos e instalaciones sonoras

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Touchy Chother Ensemble - Project from the duo 1LL0~(1ll0.com)

Online interactive concert with original visuals and music (TouchDesigner and SuperCollider) controlled by the audience via their smartphones

The whole concerts was premiered in the plataform of Krea - Alt_Space 


Performative installation about the limits between physical and digital in our daily behaviour.

Version for percussion and video reactive in collaboration with Nerea Vera.

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New project around a new designed instruement created in collaboration with David Alonso Cid 


Arrangement and extension of the piece Miles Aways in collaboration with Trio Zukan

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Piece composed for QME (Quiet Music Ensemble) as part of the project Expanded Instruments

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Quantified performer - Juan Luis Montoro


For cello, tape machine loop, heartbeat sensor and galvanic skin sensor.



Piece composed for a part of the mixed multimedia opera "A Paradise Built in Hell" made in collaboration with Ensemble Klang and KABK


For extended table: quadraphonic amplification, IR sensors, bike lights, solar panels

Miles away study - Juan Luis Montoro
Reflejos agua sal y hierro - Natalia Pérez soprano - Juan Luis Montoro

Extended voice, and piano

For piano and fixed electronics

In collaboration with Raúl Santana (piano)

Sculpting Sound - Raúl Santana & Juan Luis Montoro
Encuentro desfigurado - espectograma - Juan Luis Montoro

Ensemble, two organs, and fixed electronics.

Premiered in Orgelpark (Amsterdam) with Neue ensemble and the Utopa Organ

UTOPA organ in Orgelpark (Amsterdam)

Exploring wind mechanism of the automated organ

UTOPA organ - Orgelpark
Javier Campos, Victor Oller, Guillermo Almo, Andreas, Juan Luis Montor - The growl


Looking for the boundaries between contemporary music and free jazz.


Premiered at "Spring Festival" (Royal Conservatory of The Hague)

A piece for two marimbas, tape and live electronics.


The pitch and rythim organization are based on the sound analyisis of the gong, and all the electornics are produced live and projected to the gong to produce different reverberations.


Premiered at Korzo Theatre, The Hague, November 2015

Gorka Catediano, Rubén, Juan Luis Montoro - Gong

This is a movement of a longer piece, exploring the sound world of harp and electronics.

An invitation to follow the travel of the sound.


Premiered at "Spring Festival" (Royal Conservatory of The Hague)

Orchestre and tape


Research investigation for the final exam of my Composition Bachelor.

A composition based in different concepts of sepctral music, really influenced by theories from Grisey or Murail, and also by the book "Contemporary Compositional Techniques and OpenMusic" (Rozalie Hirs).



Investigation and composition guided by Mª Dolores Ortiz

Violin, piano and tape.


Electronic procedures of differents bell attacks applied to acustic instruments and tape


Premiered at "X Ciclo de Música Contemporánea de Alhaurín de la Torre", 2015.

Fixed electronics


Electronic contemporary music piece for quedraphonic.


Premiered at "VIII Jornadas de Música y Nuevas Tecnologías"




An investigation into an orchestre crescendo based in the stroke of a bell, resulting a tiny piece (15 sec) for orchestre.


Recreated by virtual instruments.



A Composition for orchestra, based on the different forms of water and its transformation through different states.


Prize: Accésit
“I Concurso para Orquesta de cámara Jose Andreu Navarro”