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Intervened Memory

October, 2022

Track 6_Life (Montaje4) smaller.jpg

Album composed as a suite for viola da gamba and electronics


Co-composition with Israel Castillo (Viola da Gamba) and

Jimena Maldonado

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Intervened Memory is a large scale piece for viola da gamba and electronics based on Mexican artist Cristian Pineda’s Yo soy mi casa [I am my house], a series of ten photographs that have been digitally overlaid with drawings. These poignant images were taken in Juchitán, Oaxaca after catastrophic earthquakes in September 2017. Pineda’s digital interventions ‘repopulate’ the images with graffiti-like doodles whose fantastical iconography – strange beasts, abundant plant life, disembodied eyes and limbs – recalls traditional Zapotec art. Now I. Castillo, J. Maldonado, and J.L. Montoro undertake musical interventions upon these images that evoke memory and nostalgia through electronic loops and canons, drones and percussive textures, environmental sounds and electronic feedback.

“Intervened Memory is delicate, tender and respectful, a reflection of the processes, instruments and people that made it.” – Tim Rutherford-Johnson

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Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 01.02.19.png
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