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Project from the duo 1LL0~ (with Guillermo Martín-Viana)

Online guided audiovisual improvisation with an interactive ensemble via smartphone and youtube streaming

1LL0~ organised an ensemble with musicians and non-musicians from all over the world (Spain, The Netherlands, EEUU, Argentina...)

and they could improvised together using their smartphones, interacting with the audiovisual system designed by 1LL0~ (Juan Luis Montoro and Guillermo Martín-Viana).

The system was developed using TouchDesigner, MaxMSP, Supercollider and Ableton Live.

The interactive web-app used was TOUCHY, developed by Krea / ALT-Space, the association who commissioned the project.

Sum up from the online concert:

How the interaction was don from home:

How it was done - Making of - TouchDesigner, MaxMSP, Supercollider, Ableton:

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