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Quantified Performer

March, 2018

For cello, tape machine loop, heartbeat sensor and galvanic skin sensor.

Although autonomous

the Technical Construction never touches the world by herself, 

but exclusively under pressure of her user. 


(She is literally moved by her user to press.) 

A TC transmits the pressure of her user to the world. 

She presses in the name of her user.

She delivers his pressure to the world. 


When the user presses — the TC does so too, 

when the user moves — the TC does so too, 

when the user changes — the TC does so too. 

A TC represents the user to the world. 


(She is the intermedium between the user and the world.) 


[Dick Raaijmakers - “Method”] 

The only electronic process involved is the amplification of the cello and the tape machines, which parameters are controlled by the physiological state of the performer.


Tape machines will create a loop overlaying the different states the performer is going through.

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