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Extended instruments in contemporary music


How do extended instruments influence my compositional process?



Extended instruments are classical instruments with added sensory technology for controlling real-time sound transformation in a direct way. The electronic processes (algorithms) are kept simple. They work only as an extension of the instrument, so the focus is still on the performer, who has total control of the electronic processes. This allows the performer to get extended nuances in the performability and sound of his instrument.

Interactive instruments have certain characteristics that can definitely influence the compositional process and can help the composer solve some aesthetic concerns which might arise when dealing with interactive computer music.

This paper aims to clarify the concept of extended instruments, going deeper into its classification as part of interactive computer systems. Within my experience, I present the possible aesthetic consequences that they might have in my compositional process, going from the initial idea of the piece to the final final and future performances.

Royal Conservatory of The Hague

Master in Composition Research Paper

Research Supervisors: Yannis Kyriakides and Samuel Vriezen

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