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Online website installation

March, 2016


Captura de pantalla 2017-06-02 a las 12.
Captura de pantalla 2017-06-02 a las 12.

This is an interactive online installation, thought to be implemented in a comment box from a website.

1) I developed an alphabetic list of Dutch composers, and I chose a tiny fragment of representative pieces for each of them from the Dutch music archive.

2) Every fragment of music is related to a letter from the keyboard, and the sound is triggered when you press that key.

3) When writing a comment on the app or website, the comment will be sonified, so every comment written by a visitor will be a miniature piece composed with short fragment of Dutch music, and typing rhythm.

The idea was developed while working with TIME (This Is Music and Theatre Education) for a project for Holland Festival in 2017.

Video sample of the one used for an exhibition in Korzo (left, with Dutch composer samples), and for HF (right, percussive samples):

[Software developed with Max MSP]

List of the names of the Dutch Composer chosen for the samples:

PlayReconstructie - Archive:

A: Louis Adriessen, Peter Adriaansz
B: Kees van Baaren, Cornelis de Bondt, Gilius van Bergeijk
C: Jacob Clemens non Papa
D Alphons Diepenbrock
E: Huib Emmer
F: Joep Franssens
G: Jan Pieter Hendrik van Gilse, Trevor Grahl, Huba de Graaff
H: Rozalie Hirs, Simeon ten Holt, Pete Harden, Margriet Hoenderdos I-
J: Guus Janssen, Josquin des Pres -
K: Yannis Kyriakides, Tristan Keuris
L: Ton de Leeuw, Reinbert de Leeuw
M: Mischa Mengelberg
N: Mayke Nas
O: Jan Willem van Otterloo, Ockeghem
P: Martijn Padding, Jan van de Putte
R: Dick Raaijmakers, Richard Rijnvos
S: Jan Pietszoon Sweelinck
T: Paul Termos
U: -
V: Matthijs Vermeulen, Samuel Vriezen
W: Diderik Wagenaar, Peter-Jan Wagemans, Unico van Wassenaar X: -
Y: (Yannis Kyriakides)
Z: Bernard Zweers

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